What is NLLG?

We’ve been in your shoes and we understand your financial problems from the inside out

NLLG is a disruptive business in a highly regulated and established industry.  NLLG’s mission is to lead the charge to the democratization of legal services, commencing in the United States, but setting a worldwide example.  It is our belief that we live in an increasingly polarized world where the gaps in economic interests and opportunities have returned to almost medieval levels.  This disparity leads not only to gaps in standards of living, but in social, emotional and cultural disenfranchisement of those left out.  NLLG and its team cannot remedy all woes and inequities in society.  It can, however, work to levelize the playing field through its design of cost-effective delivery of legal services.  Just as Henry Ford did not build the first automobile, nor did he perhaps build the best one, even for his time, he did figure out how to build a car that a whole bunch of people could afford to buy.  This feat enabled a world of dwellers to experience parts of the world previously unreachable to them.  Similarly, NLLG reaches a clientele who could otherwise not hope to have representation as they respond to legal challenges asserted against them, by in some instances, some of the largest and most powerful institutions in the history of this world.

With the increasing availability of credit to consumers, there has been created more contacts of economic conflict between the consumers and the capitalists.  The opportunity for enhanced utility has been matched by the burden of increased controversy and cost.  Generally, there are few bridges between the two circumstances.  In practice, NLLG attempts to provide legal services by using a cost-effective model designed so that all can afford these services.  

NLLG is committed to supporting diversity in its workforce, just as it does in its representation of its clients.  Diversity is not only a value, but it is core to what is NLLG.  In a world with increased polarization emphasizing the differences among us, NLLG attempts to level the playing field and to focus on the commonalities of our staff and our clients.

In addition to their broad legal qualifications, our attorneys have extensive “hands on” experience in the real worlds of personal and commercial business.  We’ve been in your shoes and we understand your financial problems from the inside out.  At NLLG, we are skilled negotiators and are often able to resolve problems and disputes in ways attorneys without this additional experience would not be able to imagine.

When you become our client, you are in the hands of experienced attorneys who share your frustration and outrage at the injustices and injuries you have suffered and we know how to get exceptional results. We have the legal muscle to force the “big boys” to obey the laws they have broken or misused for their own benefit.  Let us be your “voice” in the Courts  and we will passionately fight for justice on your behalf!

We aggressively pursue a wide range of civil litigation from the simplest to the most complex and have achieved many successful resolutions for our clients, both in and out of court. We are a full service law firm and have helped our Clients in a variety of civil matters ranging from bankruptcy to estate planning.

Justice is not only for the powerful. We believe it also belongs to you!

National Litigation Law Group  stands ready to provide our extensive legal knowledge, our broad experience and our absolute commitment to protect your interests and successfully resolve your legal problems. We will work to force those who have wronged you to take responsibility for their reckless, unjust actions and seek to recover the maximum compensation allowable to you under the law!


Representing Clients in Civil and Commercial Litigation Matters Throughout the U.S.

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